in Boggomsbaai, Garden Route,
Western Cape, South Africa

Want to get away from the crowds, queue's, shopping malls, traffic, bright lights - the rat race!

No 13 Kleinbos is one of the first eco-estates in South Africa. The house is approximately 300m from the main beach as the crow flies with 180 degree sea views.  The Estate is focused on preserving the pristine fynbos in which it is situated.  The human footprint is minimized and there are no conventional gardens.  Your garden is the surrounding fynbos.  There are roughly 32 houses built on a 17 hectare property, fronting the sea. Another eco-estate lies next to Kleinbos on one side, with the quaint neighbourhood of Boggomsbaai on the other side. 

There are no internal fences on the property as there are no boundaries between houses making for an easy unrestricted movement for small wild antelope and keeping in harmony with a green eco-estate. 

All the houses are in the traditional and quaint style of Cape fisherman’s houses. The roof’s are thatch with Cape Reed that blends into the environment and the houses are all painted white.  These houses are identical in size and shape on the exterior, keeping them in uniform. The visual effect of the development on the eco-estate makes for a unique picture, however, the houses are vastly different on the inside. 

As this development is an eco-friendly development, there is no electricity available to minimize the impact on the environment.  The houses are partially operated through making use of solar energy with a combination of gas for hot water and for fridges and freezers. The house also functions on a French drain system which has been built sufficiently in size to cope with a large volume of people. 

The amazing thing about Kleinbos is that you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the peace, tranquility and nature of Kleinbos as well as being close enough to Mossel Bay town to enjoy the luxury of a restaurant, spa or other forms of entertainment if desired.

This haven is really for those wanting to get away from the crowds of city life or other densely populated holiday resorts. No bright lights or traffic noise - just the sound of the waves to put you to sleep at night. 

Kleinbos is nestled amongst the fynbos, which is a large variety of bush unique to the Western Cape. Enjoy long walks on the beach or between the fynbos in the estate. The beach is 30km long and is very broad. Bring along your binoculars for bird watching, small antelope and of course for whale and dolphin spotting.  Whales migrate along this route and dolphins are spotted on a daily basis gliding through the waves.  On occasion you will see a fish bait-ball.  This is evident by birds attacking from the sky and fish from the bottom, making for spectacular viewing.  The area of Boggomsbaai is also one of the prime fishing locations in the country and this is evident through the size and amount of fish which are caught.  Fishing is however strictly regulated via obtaining fishing permits.

For the more active one's there is a mini-gym, squash court and tennis court that can be hired at your own costs.

The rare and endangered Oyster Catcher bird loves the Boggomsbaai area, and walking the "Oyster Catcher Trail" is a wonderful way of tracking and learning more about them and sea life.



The house comfortably sleeps 12 – 14  people, ideal for 3 families.

House exterior:

a.       Thatched roof  (Cape Reed)– the roof is fitted with a sprinkler system in the event of fire and a woven fire-blanket which has a dual purpose, also minimising the shedding of  fine dust

b.       Double bricked walls with cavity to minimise moisture spreading and improves the insulation

c.       Wooden window frames – “Swartland” - with a special rubber seal

d.       Wooden door frames

e.       Cobble paving around house with a large drive-way

f.        Outside shower

g.       Wash trough

h.       Double carport newly fitted with asbestos sheets

i.        Extra parking space

j.        There are 8 solar panels fitted with “Solar World” panels (German brand)  on the carport roof

k.       There is a battery room with 4 batteries.  A “Pure sign-wave inverter” (to prevent power spikes and troughs that can damage your electrical appliances)

l.        The house is fitted with an alarm system linked to a 24 hour response company

m.      A DSTV dish is installed

n.       This is the only house that has a pre-wired distribution board fitted (for 220 volt), plugs, light switches. A cable is already installed, running to the outside of the house, in the event of obtaining electricity in the future

o.       A brick-paved veranda (special bricks are used for expansion, contraction and water-proofing purposes)

p.       The house is surrounded by a retainer wall keeping the fynbos at bay




The house consists of 3 storeys.

A loft  One bathroom & open plan bedroom accommodating 6 single beds. 

The middle level has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a combined kitchen/dining room, and a lounge with a unique fireplace.

There are two inter-leading concrete staircases, one leading upstairs and one to the bottom level.

The downstairs area  consists of a storeroom with an exterior door, a huge bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.   This can be locked off with it’s own private access to the house if needed.

All other bedrooms have doors which open up onto the large sea-viewed veranda and fynbos.



a.       The four double rooms have Queen sized beds on wheels allowing for easy cleaning

b.       All bedrooms have built-in-cupboards with specially designed doors allowing ventilation and therefore eliminating dampness. In each cupboard there is a set of free standing chest of drawers which can be moved for easy cleaning.

c.       Each bedroom has a dressing table, beautiful framed mirror, queen beds, luxury mattresses, bedside pedestals and bed-blanket-boxes, all made in a white-wash beach-style and all windows in the house are fitted with aluminium venetian blinds

d.       The upstairs loft – currently sleeps six and has six single beds. It can quite comfortably accommodate another two single beds

e.       There are free-standing chest of drawers upstairs and bed-blanket-boxes, bed pedestals and a dressing table with mirror

f.        The main bedroom also contains a safe

g.       4 bathrooms – the main bathroom being en-suite with bath, shower, toilet and basin and the other bathrooms have a shower, basin and toilet

h.       All the bathroom vanities are fitted with granite tops, dual-flush eco-friendly toilets, quality cobra Victorian taps, all showers are quality German shower enclosures and provide for a hygienic floor to stand on.  Above the basins are large framed mirrors and bathroom accessories which are fitted with roll-bolts – only quality products have been installed. The main bathroom also boasts a beautiful free-standing bath surrounded with pebbles

i.        There are two gas geysers which allows for multiple-use when the bathrooms are in use and they are linked to 4 x 49kg gas bottles

j.        The house is fitted with a vinyl laminated floor with a wood pattern. 

k.       The main kitchen offers plenty of cupboard space, granite tops (African Ivory), double sink fitted with a water purifier, Bosch gas stove/oven, double fridge/freezers and a  separate grocery cupboard. Most of the cupboards are fitted on wheels allowing for easy cleaning, as well as the stove and fridges. There are also two 49kg gas cylinders for the appliances in this kitchen

l.        The second kitchen downstairs offers a double sink, breakfast nook and sufficient kitchen cupboards, granite tops and a gas stove. There is also space for a fridge/freezer and washing machine.

To summarize, this house is unique and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in a unique holiday haven on this pristine part of the Garden Route.